By providing numerous types of consulting services tailored specifically to your real estate needs, CSJ Investments LLC has the strength of purpose and a dedicated determination to make your real estate a profitable reality. Whether working with a single asset or a portfolio of investment properties, we look forward to creating a plan to achieve the goals you are striving to attain. Without exception, we treat every client with the understanding that their investments mean everything to them; treating their capital as if it were our own.

  1. Capital Asset Strategies.
    There are several ways we can bring value to you throughout your real estate portfolio. Listed below are several of our specialized areas:
    Financing. Whether you are acquiring an asset (or portfolio) or refinancing the capital structure of an existing asset ?debt and/or equity ?CSJ Investments expertly guides you through various available options. We also help you find the best priced capital sources to attain your personal objectives. If you currently find yourself in a position where the cash flow of an existing asset no longer supports the debt in place, we will work with you to create various strategies to make the investment viable again.
    Equity. Using other people?s money is an effective way to leverage your resources for both portfolio diversification and to increase your equity returns. Various approaches to ownership through joint ventures, mezzanine equity and other available methods can make the most of your equity dollars. Again, whether a new acquisition or repositioning of an existing asset, let us show you how.
    Disposition. Maybe the time has come to repatriate money from a real estate asset into something else. The reasons can be endless, but you need to maximize the proceeds at the end of the transaction. CSJ Investments positions assets where the sale price will be at the top of the market. Additionally, we advise on contract techniques that can reap the best possible financial benefits for you.
  2. Taxes.
    Real estate and capital gains are the largest tax components of any property investment. With the properly implemented planning and tactics, the financial savings can be nothing short of dramatic. Let us assist you in putting systems in place to work toward your financial benefit and reduce the negative impact that tax burdens can create.
  3. Energy and Maintenance.
    Through our strategic partners, we offer a complete audit of energy use for your building(s) and devise a plan to maximize returns on any investment. Sometimes, viable solutions might be as simple as more effective use of existing systems. Also, through proper maintenance, many components of each building can have significantly expanded life cycles which can put expensive replacement dollars to better use.


Whether property management or asset & facilities management is needed, we work to achieve the best financial results possible by maintaining your real estate at the highest possible level. We understand the importance that every asset must be physically maintained because of the critical need to keep the structure and envelope of the building secure. Our ability to efficiently negotiate the best value for these necessary services plus the additional routine maintenance will ultimately drive more dollars to that all-important bottom line.

We also attend to the income side of the equation by attending to individual tenant relations; thereby ensuring retention of cash flow by keeping tenants in place. With all the competition for tenants in the marketplace today, keeping tenant roll-over to a minimum is often the difference between a prosperous and a struggling project. We are vigilant and dedicated to constantly watching deals throughout the market area and advise on what it takes to keep an existing tenant and to obtain the new one. Our interview and qualification process also aids the assurance that tenant prospects are a ?good bet?for your building now and for the future.

Finally, we have skilled experience at exploring other potential sources of revenue that a property may be able to generate as cash flow to the investors. While the best method is carefully tracking all potential tenant reimbursements, there are many others to help the bottom line stay strong. Make the call today and see how our customized real estate services will start making you more money on each investment.


A principal of CSJ Investments LLC, Patrick J. Hogan, holds an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker license. No matter what your goal may be, with over 25 years of highly successful commercial real estate experience, you can expect superior results. Pat provides a full array of personalized brokerage services to owners and tenants.

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